A new

Revival’s big idea is very simple: build inspiring physical spaces, bring creative people together, and actively promote the resulting energy and innovation.

Hit upload in Toronto and your data rides the pipeline to emerge in Vancouver, Los Angeles, or even Singapore. The problem isn’t distance anymore, it’s the absence of proximity. It’s the increasing rarity of real people rubbing real shoulders in real space.

At Revival, we’re doing something about that. We’re building a community for creative minds.

We live in a visual era that has its roots in the tradition of film, but today the most exciting and powerful developments in visual storytelling are digital. Not just digital editing, special effects, animation, and game design, but entire boundary-defying worlds of content and interactivity.

As a Convergent Media Centre, Revival is bringing emerging and traditional technologies together. We’re updating our sound stages and production facilities and we’re developing inspiring new office space for digital companies, encouraging Toronto’s best to collaborate on a new vision for film and digital arts.

Revival is located in Toronto's Studio District, minutes from hotels, restaurants & downtown.