“New ideas must use old buildings.”

— Jane Jacobs

Free Thinking

Converting old buildings opens the space to new uses, giving creative people the opportunity to challenge and inspire one another. When you incorporate the raw materials of structure – brick, beam, concrete, metal – into a modern design, you make a claim. Transformation is possible; it’s happening here. The workshop authenticity carries an energy that activates imagination. Creatives of all kinds intuitively respond.

Creative office space now available

Building B – 28,000 SF

Building E – 16,000 SF

  • Completely refurbished
  • Exposed brick & beams
  • High ceilings
  • Large industrial windows
  • Concrete floors
  • Interiors designed to suit

Occupancy: Fall 2014

Every suite will retain original structural features in renovated loft-style spaces with exposed brick and beams, vaulted ceilings and expansive windows.

Base Building Features

  • Exterior walls of ground floor suites will be traditional warm red brick
  • Exposed structural steel columns and beams
  • Open ceilings
  • Building B– ground floor suites will have exposed steel deck and web-joists, second floor suites will have exposed wood deck and steel beams
  • Building E – vaulted ceilings will have
  • Exposed commercial cladding
  • Exposed concrete in suites; vinyl in washrooms
  • 200 amp service
    (100 amp in smaller suites)
  • Electrical outlets in perimeter walls
  • Loft-style strip lighting
  • Finished bathrooms in ground floor suites, rough-in for kitchenette

Riverside & Leslieville

Vibrant neighbourhoods for a creative community

It’s no secret that there’s a rough-edged coolness to this side of Toronto. The working-class history of warehouses and industry is still embedded in the streetscapes, alongside hip cafés and bars, great restaurants, and a host of quirky furniture, antique and design stores.

There’s a minimum of attitude over here, but a lot of creativity. Filmmakers, graphic designers, musicians, woodworkers, VFX artists, photographers, dancers, audio producers, and tech entrepreneurs come here to get their work done. Many of them live here.

If you’ve got some time to kill, visit the eastside and we’ll surprise you:

  • Finally learn how to repair your own bike Bikesauce
  • Launch your boutique arts brand Leslieville Arts Market
  • Lace up your gloves (if you’re female or trans) and learn to box The Toronto Newgirls Boxing Club
  • 3D-print your movie set 3DPhaktery
  • Find the perfect toy for your Inner Child Atomic Toybot

Revival is located in Leslieville, right next door to Riverside. It can be conveniently accessed by TTC, bike, car or helicopter.